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Terms and conditions
Order tracking is a webstore with a mission to help people with their foot conditions and to generally increase wellbeing with excellent foot care. The store is run by e.g. Finnish health care professionals. The ownership of the company operating the store is held by Seldren limited company, a Finnish owned company operating in Tallinn, Estonia. The company sells it goods in the EU area.

The foot condition care instructions given on the website are shortened so as to make them easily understood, with as much help as possible to the reading audience. All instructions are written by health care professionals. However, always rely primarily on the care instructions given to you by your own physician or other health care professional.

Our products

All products sold at are carefully selected high quality products. You can rely on their functionality and durability. We have tried to describe the products with as much detail as possible but you may also see further information from the websites of the manufacturers.


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