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Chondromalasia (Chondromalacia patellae) is a result of an irritation of the inner side of the kneecap. In most cases the kneecap slides easily when bending the knee, but with some people the smooth cartilage on the inner side of the kneecap rubs against the front part of the thighbone, which causes irritation and pain.

Common symptoms are pain in the kneecap, which can be either mild or severe. Pain may be felt when walking, running, especially when climbing stairs or hills, but also when sitting down for a long period, the pain may be felt as pressure is knee. The knee may also feel still to move.


  • Rest, cold therapy, compressive knee supports and lifting of the foot help with the pain.
  • Compressive knee supports may help.
  • Physiotherapists can give you proper exercise instructions.
  • Avoid sports that cause you prolonged pain. Occasionally engage yourself with knee friendly sports like swimming and stationary cycling as long as the symptoms subside.
  • By using arch supporting insoles and arch supports, you can alter the position of your foot to a more preferred position.

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