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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or PFPS, is a general term which points to pain in the front part of the knee. The pain is caused by an incorrect movement path of the kneecap, when bending the leg. This incorrect movement path may lead to damage to the tissues in the knee which causes the pain. The incorrect movement path can be caused by different factors because many tissues surrounding the knee affect the way the kneecap moves. If the tissues affecting the movement of the kneecap are e.g. too weak or too tight, they can alter the movement path of the kneecap to in incorrect one.

Occasionally Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or PFPS, is confused with chondromalasia which is pain and irritation on the inside of the kneecap. PFPS may lead to chondromalasia but the conditions can occur individually.

PFPS may be caused by heavy stress like running. Incorrect positions of the leg and foot, e.g. pronation problems, flat feet and an over wide Q-angle may also cause the condition.


  • Rest, cold therapy, compressive knee supports and lifting of the foot help with the pain. It is advisable not to engage in sports with a painful knee.
  • By using arch supporting insoles and arch supports, you can alter the position of your foot to a more preferred position.
  • Physiotherapists can give you proper exercise instructions and other treatments.
  • Use knee supports and heat retaining bandages. Knee supports that control the movement of the knee cap work especially well.

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