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Runner's knee - ITBS

Iliotibial Band Syndrome or Runner’s knee (ITBS) is a common condition especially among long-distance runners. The pain is felt on the side of the knee and is caused by an irritated IT band, which runs between the hip and the tibia along the outside of the knee. The IT band moves over the bony structures of the knee when bending the leg, rubs against them and starts to get painful gradually usually after around 30 minutes of running. Running especially on uneven surfaces or downhill stresses the IT band the most.

Causes for developing ITBS are e.g. a tight IT band, weak muscles in the hip, very commonly over pronation, under pronation, a fast increase of exercise frequency, long-distance running and a leg length difference.


  • Rest and cold help with the pain.
  • IT band stretching after the exercise is very important. Physiotherapists can give you proper stretching instructions.
  • By using arch supporting insoles and arch supports, you can alter the position of your foot to a more preferred position, if the condition is caused by over pronation.
  • Begin your running gradually and avoid uneven surfaces and running downhill.

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